What’s New

Hybridization of In-house Power Generation

Tamaden proposes the hybridization of power source environments

that generate power on its own such as construction ships or construction sites on remote places.

Hybrid Power Generation using Inverters

This is a hybrid power generation system using inverters. Click the image for details.

Our hybrid power generation demonstration unit was completed. You can see enlarged photos by clicking images.

Small Hydropower Generation

Small hydropower generation is a type of hydropower generation. Click the image for details.

A Bicycle with Automatic Attitude Control for Learning Embedding Technology with Fun

This is a bicycle with automatic attitude control developed by us. Click the image for details.

A free sample of a bicycle with automatic attitude control is available. Please contact us if you are interested.

Zup Series CPU Boards




Zup-F16 Expansion Board

ARM Board

Zup-CZ26 is an evaluation board loaded with TMP92CZ26, the fastest CPU that works like Z80.
Zup-F16, a CPU board with a flash ROM rewritable for 10,000 times, and Zup-F16 Expansion Board now support μITRON4.0TOPPERS/JSP.

Large Digital Clocks

A large digital clock using a 300 mm digit height 7-segment LED display
Besides ones with fashionable white digits, those with red and green digits are also available by special order.

Production of Boxes for Control Board or Other Boards

We manufacture boxes for a control board and other types of boards.
If you would like a quote, please fill in and send a quote request form.

Quote for a standalone box Quote for a wall-mounted box